Thursday, April 5, 2012

Prayer: "If only there was... some divine word"

Talk to ten different people on the street and I wonder how many different ideas you’ll get about the Bible. To a people whose existence has largely been devoid of a Christian influence, the Bible can seem like a foreigner’s book.

But we know better. The Bible is not merely a book like The Farmer’s Almanac is a book. It is God’s word given to us. Socrates is credited with saying, “If only there was a firmer foundation upon which to sail, perhaps some divine word.” When people see the Bible as God’s word, they are on the right path.

Consider that as you pray for the Ar of Colombia and the national missionary who’s trying to share God’s glorious word with them.
AR OF COLOMBIA (ahr). National missionary J is traveling once a month to a community of Ar people called P. He is sharing the Gospel through stories. During a recent trip, he shared the first story about where the Bible comes from and what the Bible is. The Ar people in this community responded, "We never knew that the Bible is not a white man's book, but it is God's Word to us!" Pray that each time J travels to this community and shares more stories, the Ar people in community P will clearly understand the Gospel message and will then be willing to take it to other Ar people.

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