Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kids on Mission

Being on mission requires sacrifice, whether that means signing a check authorizing a missions agency to make a withdrawal from your bank account, selling your house and moving overseas, or broaching the subject of the gospel with a colleague.

We honor these sacrifices in our prayers and in our churches. Yet one sacrifice is often overlooked if for no other reason than that those who offer it are so small. I’m talking about the children who go on mission with us.

Today, let’s stop and pray for two little girls who will never have a “normal” summer vacation because they are supporting their parents in mission. God does not overlook the sacrifices of “the least of these,” and we shouldn’t either.
NU OF COLOMBIA (noo) - K and A are normal Colombian girls who love to dress up like princesses; they love what is pretty and feminine and the normal things of any elementary school-age girl. They enjoy school and do very well in their academic studies. Once or twice a year, however, they pack up their books, clothes, and a few special toys and travel by road for half a day to the river. They "overnight" by the river and then get in a canoe to travel two days on the river to reach a town where they will then begin the six-hour hike to get to a Nu village. Most times these girls make the trip joyfully. They love the Nu people, as do their parents. Sometimes, however, the river trips are long, they get sick with malaria, and they get behind in their academic studies. Getting behind means putting in a lot of extra time at school when they return. It means that they get no summer break! Pray for K and A, asking that God will keep them healthy and safe in the travels they make to the Nu villages, and that they will be able to keep up with their academic studies during their village trips. Pray that God will bless these two little girls who so willingly undergo very difficult living conditions so that their parents can share the Gospel.

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