Thursday, June 14, 2012

House Hunting and House Churches

Now that my wife, Hannah, and I are in the process of closing on a house, we’ve talked a lot about our future plans, from making Smores in the backyard to purchasing furniture for the living room. Living in an apartment means less space, less privacy, and less maintenance. The first two are bad, but the last one means a lot of work is in store for us.

One thing we most want to do is to invite others into our home for Bible study, fellowship, and good, clean fun! Although we don’t have any current plans to start a house church, since we’re very happy to be involved in ministry with Enfoque, house churches have been one of the factors in church growth throughout the rest of the world.

Today’s report from Colombia highlights the exciting developments within the Pa community as more and more people are coming together to learn about the one true God.
PA OF COLOMBIA (pah) - In one year, three house churches have been formed and four other groups have been meeting regularly that will soon become house churches. Each time national missionaries H and D make a visit to new families, they leave, hearing these words: "Come and share the Bible with us. We want to learn more." This has led to a tremendous need for leaders. The ministry is growing faster than H and D can keep up with it. Doors are opening for youth and children's work as well. Pray that God will raise up leaders among the Pa people.

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