Sunday, October 21, 2012

Be a Part of What God is Doing in Colombia

God is moving in Colombia. Indigenous peoples are hearing the gospel and new opportunities are opening up. I wish I could be there. Until then, I can still make an impact through my prayers and by calling you to pray as well. Consider each of these prayer requests and the sacrifices and time investments they represent. God is doing things, and through our prayers we can be a part of them. 
Colombia, North Coast Indigenous – After waiting several years for God to send someone to the ED group, Roberto had the joy of being baptized in his community as a testimony. Now, Roberto’s wife wants to be baptized and possibly his brother. The three of them plan to walk for three days to a town where a Chronological Bible Storying training will be taking place this month. Roberto’s wife desires to be baptized at this meeting. Rejoice with us at the stirring of God’s Spirit in these precious people. Also, pray for them as they plan their long journey to the training for safety, guidance, and endurance. Please pray for the preparation of the hearts and minds of all that will be attending this meeting, as it is in a remote place and many will be traveling long distances. NU OF COLOMBIA (noo) - SJ is the town that national missionaries L and J live in when they are not in their jungle home. This small town offers a school for their two girls and many of the normal conveniences of a town, such as electricity, the Internet and a grocery store. SJ is also the town where most of the Nu people come when they have any medical needs. There is a very rundown house that is run by a local government agency that houses them when they come to this town. L and J spend time nearly every day visiting the Nu in this house and in the local hospital. They are often called on to translate medical instructions and to help people get the treatment that they need. Often the Nu they visit are already friends, but other times they are Nu from places that L and J only dream of visiting at this time. Visiting these Nu in town has given L and J opportunities to share the evangelistic stories with clans of Nu to which they have not had previous access. Pray for these encounters with the Nu people of different clans. Ask God to give L and J opportunities to share the Gospel, and pray that these people will become healthy and take the stories back to their clans of Nu people. Pray for open doors to the clans of Nu that have yet to hear the Gospel.

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