Friday, October 5, 2012

The Pa are Growing as a Church!

God has called us to be the church. That is so amazing to me. In the U.S. we live in a very individualistic culture, yet the kind of interdependence and “one another” love that God calls us to are best expressed in community. When I read this update on the Pa people, I was thrilled. The church is growing, and believers are coming together in commitment to God and to each other. Pray that this work would continue to bear fruit and that God would receive all the glory. Amen!
COLOMBIA, TEAM CAFÉ – The mature believers among the Pa people are growing and the church is truly in formation. The Sunday meetings are now being led by Pa believers. They are sharing the word and people are being edified by the word through these Pa believers. Other believers are visiting the sick in their communities and sharing the word through small groups and in moments when the believers need encouragement. God is answering prayers to raise up leaders. Pray that He continues to strengthen these Pa leaders and that they continue to grow in His word.

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