Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A Prayer for the Colombia Amazon Team

This fall we are planning on beginning a new Bible study that will take participants through the entire Old Testament over the span of two classes. Understanding the story of the Bible is important for developing a biblical worldview. Today's prayer request from Colombia focuses on storying, the practice of telling Bible stories as a means of discipleship. Please pray for believers in this region of the world.

AMAZON PEOPLES IN COLOMBIA (AM-uh-zahn) - "Thank you for praying for the 'Story Together' conference. Four stories of the Bible were told in three different tribal languages. It was an exciting time, especially since there were some participants present who were not believers. It was a joy to see how well some of the participants could tell the story in their mother tongue! Several of the participants have expressed a desire to work on more stories in their language. Pray for our Colombia Amazon Team as we work with these people to get more stories of the Bible into their mother tongue."

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