Monday, July 22, 2013

Violence Escalates in Colombia

Christians are to seek the welfare of the cities and countries in which they live. Sometimes this is not easy, especially when the goals and values of those countries or cities are opposed to a Christian worldview. It may also be difficult when the country itself is split between warring factions. Right now the Colombian  government is carrying on negotiations with a leftist guerrilla force that has long opposed the national government. This force is responsible for the deaths of 19 military members over the weekend, as CNN reports.

This guerrilla force is usually hidden in the Amazon rainforest, and occasionally has conflicts with civilians and natives in that region. Please pray for peace and Colombia, and the advancement of the Gospel in regions controlled by this guerrilla force. Pray also that the guerrillas themselves would embrace a different cause and be converted by the gospel.

Until all fighting ceases…

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