Friday, June 3, 2011

Team CAFE & Semester's End

I love acronyms. It makes me think of the military or special operations. In this case, CAFE refers to neither, but it does concern something very important: ColombiA's Forgotten Ethos (people groups). The CAFE team does not post updates very frequently, which makes these prayer requests even more important to consider and pray over. My previous post about them was on May 9th, so this is actually a quick update.

CAFE (ColombiA's Forgotten Ethnos) PEOPLES (cah-FAY). University classes for this semester will terminate the first week of June. Please pray for the indigenous university students who are participating in the student center ministry as they finish their studies and continue to seek and follow the Lord. Thank God for the Sunday service on May 15 that included the baptism of one of these students. A weekday Bible study for young women recently completed a study of the Exodus and is now studying "Our Identity in Christ." Pray that these young women will accept the new identity that they have through Christ and believe in Him rather than in the many lies they have heard since childhood. Many students have recognized and expressed their need for the healing of old hurts and family issues. Pray for God's divine intervention in their hearts and lives now and as they return to their respective homes during vacation time. Pray especially for D, a non-Christian, and E, who both recently shared that they need God's healing.

God's movement among university students in Colombia is a great blessing as they return home to their own peoples and share their new faith with family and friends. Pray for these students as they work through their past hurts, and pray that they would find their hope and healing in Christ.

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