Friday, June 15, 2012

Getting a Mortgage While the Bank is Burning

My wife and I had a unique experience when we went to sign a bunch of papers with our mortgage lender.

At 4:35 pm we zipped out of my work parking lot with baby in tow to drop her off with a sitter so we could sign more documents than I think I've ever signed in my life. Abigail cried most of the way. From there we enjoyed some stop and go traffic on 82nd Street while making our way to the bank. Just as we were at the light where we had to turn, two firetrucks came up behind us with lights blazing and horns blaring. Since we were making a left turn, I told Hannah to just go (the light had already turned green anyway) so we could get out of the path of the long red behemoths. But as we turned, the firetrucks followed.

Hannah pulled into an empty parking space while the trucks passed us and continued on to the end of the parking lot. I said, "I hope that's not the bank." Turns out it was. A few seconds later our lender called us to let us know there was a fire in the elevator, but she had our paperwork with her and could meet us behind the bank. So we parked behind the bank while employees and firefighters moved around at the front. Our lender hopped in our car and explained what we were signing. Towards the end of the signing, an employee came out to give the all-clear.

I believe that nothing happens outside of God's sovereign planning and control. Even a little fire in the elevator. And though I don't think He was trying to keep us from signing the papers, I have to admit, I find the whole situation a little funny. No one was hurt, and the bank will be getting some new elevators. And we're well on our way to owning a home. Sometimes we worry and stress about big life changes and future uncertainties, but for a brief moment, the most important thing wasn't a house, a mortgage, or an interest rate. It was a fire. A small reminder that we're not in control: God is.

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